Fake tyres and batteries in EU

based on the estimations of EUIPO and OECD, the worth of counterfeits sold in Europe is around €3,4 bn every year.

May 25, 2023

This article is a summary of the comprehensive report titled "IP Infringement and Counterfeiting in the Tyres and Batteries Sectors" is a study conducted by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The report aims to provide an overview of the counterfeiting situation in the tyres and batteries sectors across the European Union (EU). Here are the main findings of the report:

  1. Size of the market: The report estimates that the EU market for tyres and batteries is worth approximately €58.4 billion and €38.4 billion, respectively.
  2. Counterfeiting: The report suggests that counterfeiting is a significant problem in both sectors. It estimates that around 6% of all tyres sold in the EU are counterfeit, with a total value of €2.2 billion. In the case of batteries, the report estimates that counterfeiting accounts for around 3% of the market, with a total value of €1.2 billion.
  3. Economic impact: The report highlights the significant economic impact of counterfeiting in these sectors. It suggests that the losses to the legitimate industry in the EU due to counterfeiting in the tyre and battery sectors amount to €2.6 billion and €1.5 billion, respectively.
  4. Employment: The report estimates that the counterfeiting of tyres and batteries in the EU leads to the loss of around 8,800 jobs.
  5. Countries of origin: The report identifies China and South Korea as the main countries of origin for counterfeit tyres and batteries in the EU.
  6. Distribution channels: The report suggests that the majority of counterfeit tyres and batteries are sold through online platforms, with a smaller proportion sold through physical markets and shops.
  7. Consumer safety: The report highlights the potential risks to consumer safety posed by counterfeit tyres and batteries, which may not meet the required safety standards.

Analysing the sales of counterfeit goods per country show interesting trends.


Overall, the report suggests that counterfeiting is a significant problem in the tyres and batteries sectors in the EU, with significant economic and employment losses, as well as potential risks to consumer safety. The report calls for increased efforts to combat counterfeiting in these sectors, including increased cooperation between industry and law enforcement agencies, and increased awareness among consumers.

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