Any printed QR code can be protected

Replacing normal QR codes with Secure QR codes have no impact on scans or consumers. It is like securing a website with firewall.

Patented copy-detection pattern

Patented Copy-Detection technology used globally on billions of products.

(US Patent No. 9594993 B2 | China Patent No. CN10785120)

The all-rounder!

The Secure QR codes are the ideal balance between security/ usability/ performance / cost & ecological footprint.

Cloud-based admin portal with dashboards

Easy to use, accessible 24/7 from anywhere. Enterprise grade security.


It's a list of questions we heard, but you might have your own.
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Why is PiQR the best QR code generator for printed QR codes?

Normal QR codes linking to any protected website can be generated by anyone. It doesn't pose much risk, until such QR code is printed on a physical (fake) product, where it mis-leads the consumer into thinking it is a legitimate product. With PiQR, authentication of Secure QR codes enables anyone to confirm the authenticity of the QR code and product itself. With PiQR, products, consumers and companies are protected against fraud and counterfeiting.

What can be put behind PiQR codes?

Short answer is: anything you would put behind a normal QR codes. PiQR is optimised to protect QR codes that are printed on the product or packaging. Authentication of QR codes doesn't work when shared as online pictur, or big billboards.

Can anyone use PiQR? 

Yes, we only need to confirm you have the right to protect the IP that you are about to protect.

When can you start working for me?

After we confirm the paperwork, it's matter of minutes.

Are there any limitations for the Secure QR codes production?

Secure QR code to be secure, need to be printed on calibrated printing machine and substrate. The material that it's printed on should be smooth - paper, foils, metal etc.
Materials like wood or corrugated or overly fibrous paper are not suitable, but always subject to calibration.
Secure QR codes are 12x12mm and should be printed on flat surface. Bigger QR codes can't be secured.
To ensure the security - the printing resolution, stability of printing and preparation of printing data need to be robust. Therefore the process is not suited for home or office printing environments where the security factors can't be controlled.

Can any Packaging provider print Secure QR codes?

Generally yes, we have an always growing network of PiQR certified packaging producers around the world. IF your existing provider is not yet certified, they can approach us with certification request.

Will PiQR solve all my issues with Fake products?

Unfortunately not. PiQR is a technology "building block" that protects your physical products and enables users authentication of the products in physical world, anywhere and anytime with just their smartphone.
It is like seatbelts in the car - a crucial technology feature, but there are other traffic rules and procedures that need to be respected to improve safety on the roads. For more, you can read our 6-step Guide here

Reach out to us to discuss further!

Secure QR code case studies

Developing a successful brand-protection program is a complex process that requires choosing the right partners, applying innovative solutions that are ahead of the perpetrators and following reliable processes.

Let's make the world a little safer, it's easy. Get in touch!

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