Unitag.io and PiQR.io join forces to redefine the standards of QR code security

Unitag.io, a global provider of QR code solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with PiQR.io.

Jul 6, 2023

This collaboration aims to bring security and copy-detection into a mainstream QR coding used in the packaging industry, revolutionizing the level of security and authentication confidence with which the brands engage with their customers and unlocking new opportunities for seamless consumer experiences.

QR codes have become an integral part of modern marketing and product packaging, enabling businesses to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms. However they became also popular amongst counterfeiter, due to the easy usage and strong misleading effect on consumers. With this partnership, Unitag.io and PiQR.io seek to combine their expertise and innovative approaches to deliver state-of-the-art secure QR code solutions at unprecedented accessibility to all the Unitag.io users. 

Mr. Vincent Biret, the Managing Director of Unitag.io, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating,

 "We are thrilled to team up with PiQR.io in this exciting venture. Together, we are poised to transform the packaging industry by leveraging the power of QR codes. Our mission is to empower brands to engage with their customers in a more interactive and personalized way, ultimately enhancing customer experiences and driving business growth."

PiQR.io, the implementer and integrator of anti-counterfeiting solutions in the packaging realm, is equally excited about this collaboration. Peter Kostur, the Managing Director of PiQR.io, remarked, 

"Partnership with Unitag.io is going to leave a mark in the world of anti-counterfeiting. Our vision is no smaller than stopping the abuse of QR codes by counterfeiters and by integrating the copy-protection technology with Unitag's QR code platform, we aim to redefine the accessibility and standards of QR code security. We want to democratize the authentication of product for all final consumers and our joint efforts shall empower brands to deliver captivating and value-added experiences to their customers at unprecedented ease of use and costs, while also unlocking valuable data insights."

This partnership between Unitag.io and PiQR.io will enable brands to leverage the full potential of QR codes in their packaging, including dynamic content delivery, product authentication, loyalty programs, and real-time consumer engagement. With PiQR’s enhanced copy-protection, consumers can easily authenticate the genuity of the QR code on their packaging and further access to detailed product information, promotions, instructional videos, and more, simply by scanning the QR codes on their favourite products.

Unitag.io and PiQR.io are confident that their collaboration will not only bring unprecedented protection for the brands, but also empower and inspire them to share more digital value with the consumers without the complexity and costs of conventional anti-counterfeiting or serialization solutions. 

About Unitag.io: 

Unitag.io is a leading provider of QR code solutions digitizing billions of products every year, offering innovative tools and technologies that empower businesses to create dynamic, engaging, and fully customizable QR codes. With a focus on delivering seamless digital experiences, Unitag.io enables brands to bridge the gap between offline and online worlds, transforming traditional marketing channels into interactive and measurable touchpoints.

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